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“Marc Berger & Ride bring a well choreographed mix of deep country folk songs
with touches of bluegrass, roots, Americana, a little spicy cajun, and even a
little indie with an effects laced lead acoustic guitar. It’s near impossible to
sit through a set without feeling a musical kinship to something in every
song, even if it’s just the basic joy of watching a well seasoned band
rip through every song as if it was the final number of their farewell tour.”

-The Living Room, NYC

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Thursday June 21st , 7:00pm

Friday June 22nd , 7:00pm

Saturday June 23rd , 7:30pm

Thursday June 28th , 7:00pm

Thursday July 5th , 7:00pm

Tuesday July 17th , 7:00pm

Wednesday July 18th , 12:00pm

Wednesday July 18th , 7:00pm

Thursday July 19th , 7:00pm

Friday July 20th , 12:00pm

Friday July 20th , 7:00pm

Saturday July 21st , 2:00pm

Saturday July 21st , 6:30pm

Sunday July 22nd , 7:00pm

Tuesday July 24th , 7:00pm

Thursday July 26th , 7:00pm

Friday August 3rd , 6:30pm

Saturday August 4th , 2:00pm

Saturday August 4th , 7:00pm

Andy Bailey’s House Concerts
Camas Valley, UT

Monday August 6th , 7:30pm

Thursday August 9th , 7:00pm

Friday August 10th , 7:00pm

Friday August 24th , 7:00pm

Friday August 24th , 7:00pm

Sunday August 26th , 5:30pm

Tuesday August 28th , 7:00pm

Wednesday August 29th , 7:00pm

Thursday August 30th , 7:00pm

Sunday September 2nd , 5:00pm

Wednesday September 26th , 7:00pm

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