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The RIDE Report

This has been a fun stretch for RIDE.  Last Tuesday, made “Take It On The Chin” its Song of Day and it was downloaded 6,998 times.   That evening the six man posse took the

stage for the record release show at The Living Room, NYC, performing a RIDE set plus encore to a SRO crowd.  On Thursday, Mike and I were interviewed about RIDE on Fearless Radio.  On July 17th, Stormy Lewis said about RIDE, on, “Turns the ordinary into the iconic… epic novel of an album that offers a haunting insight into the heart of a nation…. RIDE is the album of the Modern American West.”   Yesterday, Jayvee, writing for, said, “Reads like a love

letter to the American West…..brims with pure

plucky-folk that the likes of The Civil Wars, The Lumineers, and even Noah Jones are bringing

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to the forefront of popular music….a sad reminder of simpler times that most modern Americans will never experience nor appreciate… part Springsteen and one part Dylan, but with pure charisma that is all Berger”. 

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