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Marc Berger / My Hobby Is Music Too

A while back, some kid named “Marc Berger” LIKE’d my Facebook page. I thought it was interesting/weird,

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checked out his page and saw tha

t he was from Germany. I friended him. Then, a short time later, I got the following email via this website:

Marc Berger

Hallo Marc,
my name is Marc Berger I

come from
Germany and online slotmaschinen I`am 8 years old.My hobby is music too and I play piano since 3
yearsI have write a song. Can I send my songtoo you on a CD. I hope you can
my english.

I`m happy if you send my a e-mail.

Marc Berger

I encouraged the lad to send it over and forgot about the whole thing. A couple of
weeks ago the DVD arrived from Germany. I put it on and saw this little manchild
at the piano playing his lovely composition. Confused, I went back to FB and
checked out my Deutsche friend, “Marc Berger” and noticed he had an
“Employer”. This wasnʼt the same dude! So even though things were getting a bit
Malkovich, Malkovich, I responded enthusiastically to mini-Marc and urged him to
press on and

to send me any future gems heʼd like me to hear. Check

my soulful
German boy genius namesakeʼs video out!



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