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We're Only In It For The Money

“290” />When I’m back home, it’s 2012 and Wikipedia Frank Zappa for the short story. All kinds of cool, including his testimony before Congress at the hearings on Tipper’s notorious Parents Music Resource Center founded to purportedly address the issue of song lyrics with sexual or satanic content:

“It is my understanding that, in law, First Amendment issues are decided with a preference for the least restrictive alternative. In this context, the PMRC’s demands are the equivalent of treating dandruff by decapitation

So then it’s Burnt Weenie Sandwich, We’re Only In It For The Money, and Things You Can’t Do On Stage Anymore Vol. II and I’m revelin’ in ZappaLand, where Igor Stravinsky meets up with Groucho Marx, they smoke a bowl of Lenny Bruce and head off to a Dion and The Belmonts concert fallin’ down laughing.

Oh, and throw in lots of xylophone.

Given the fun this reporter is having, this could easily go on for some time but we all know that’s a precious commodity. So he’ll just state an opinion that when it comes to the greatest guitarists in the annals of Rock N’ Roll, FZ belongs in any conversation not including the name Hendrix, and close with something representative of the Great Man’s multitude of metaphysical inquiries, “White port and lemon juice, who would live with you?”


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