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Spaghetti Western Ethical Business Dilemma

A few months ago, I noticed an order for RIDE through CDBaby.  The purchaser was a guy with an Italian first and last name.  What was interesting was he ordered two copies.  Then about a month later, I received notification of a CDBaby order from the same dude, only now its five CD’s.  Did a little

sleuthing and found that he had an Italian based retail music site,, so I contacted him and offered him a bulk rate, but he didn’t respond.  I also noticed that RIDE was selling on his site for about twice what I was charging on CDBaby. I thought about it and figured as long as he was buying them for my full price, he was free to charge whatever he wanted elsewhere.  Thing is I started noticing a stream of direct orders from Italian buyers.  Given that RIDE’s actual release and promotional campaign didn’t start until this week, it was obvious that these buyers were going to his site first, Googling me or RIDE, and finding it for far less.  So now I’ve got the conundrum of someone generating sales to casino online games my benefit without being compensated.  Suggestions?

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