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Certain classic American Westerns left a lasting impression on me and and I can sometimes hear them wafting up and out of some of the RIDE songs.  The unspoken but powerful bond between compadres resisting authority, never more poetically evoked than in the Sam Peckinpah film, The Wild Bunchthat’s central to Long Way From Vixenburg”, for instance.  The “Boys” in the song are leaving some foul reality behind and “not goin’ back again,” on the run through rain and mud, evidently pursued by some anonymous something or someone.   In the song, these western outlaws get juxtaposed with “the band”, the romantic embodiment of the musical outlaw medium called Rock n’ Roll.  And while the song, over time, has suggested many other plausible subtexts to me, on the surface it does conjure up some of the

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themes memorably addressed by casino en ligne Peckinpah’s masterpiece.

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